Why use weed barrier?

Don't have time to pull weeds?
Landscape fabric can help keep weeds down until you have more time to devote to your garden. We just recommend making sure if you have plants to cut the fabric so that water can reach the soil by the base of the plant.

Have a dog who likes to dig?

Landscape fabric will often deter dogs from digging.

Once your plants have gotten large and established, you can remove the fabric since the occasional dig won’t uproot most mature plants.

Erosion control

Landscape fabric can help with erosion on hillsides, until your groundcover or shrubs fill in and hold the soil on their own. 

Keep items from disappearing into the soil

Over time, whatever is put on the ground (rocks, mulch, etc) will disappear in the soil. Landscape fabric keeps this from happening which is especially useful when doing a walkway.