Dreading the dreary, cold winter? 
Wanting a little winter color in your landscape,
​but not sure where to turn?

PANSIES These little guys love the cold and can last all through

winter and even well into spring!

Get the most out of your pansies! 

Here's how:

For good flowering, pansies need a sunny position and, at a minimum, they have sun for at least half the day. Pansies can get spindly and won’t flower well in full shade.

Pansies enjoy being moist but not sopping wet.

Pansies are what some call "heavy eaters". Bone or blood meal works wonders for these guys or give them a dose of Miracle Grow, or a all-purpose fertilizer, when watering.


Remove faded/dead flowers at the base of the stem to prolong blooming and encourage more flowers to grow.

Taking these steps will help ensure your pansies

perform their best!