Choose a spot that gets at least four to six hours of sun a day. Plants that don't get enough sunlight will be tall and leggy and produce fewer, smaller flowers.

Soil preparation 
Mums thrive in well-drained soil. Heavy clay soil should be amended.

If the soil is too dense, add garden soil and prepare to a depth of 8-12 inches for best performance. Mums' roots are shallow, and they don't like competition. Plant mums no deeper than they were in the nursery pot, being careful with the roots as you spread them.


Water newly planted mums thoroughly, and never let them wilt. After they are established, give mums about an inch of water per week. When bottom leaves look limp or start to turn brown, water more often.
Do not water from the top of the foliage. Water underneath it.


Prepare mums for winter after the first hard frost. Mulch up to 4 inches with straw or shredded mulch. Fill around the entire plant, spreading well between branches. Pinch off dead blooms to clean up the plant, but leave branches intact. Mums have a better chance of surviving if you wait to prune old stems until spring. As soon as the weather warms, pull away mulch to allow new shoots to pop up.

Whether planted in containers, or in the garden,
​Mums are fall-fabulous perennials!

Here are some tips to help your Mums perform their best!